Welcome to ITSC2015!

The IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society. IEEE ITSC 2015 welcomes articles in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems, dealing with new developments in theory, analytical and numerical simulation and modeling, experimentation, demonstration, advanced deployment and case studies, results of laboratory or field operational tests, under the general theme of Smart Transportation for Safety and Sustainability. IEEE ITSC 2015 is organized by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria located in the Canary Islands (Spain), last known stop to Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas.

We are working hard to get everything ready for a conference to remember. Follow us and we will keep you updated with our progresses!

How to reach ITSC2015

ITSC2015 will take place in the Canary Islands Convention Centre. This facility is besides the maybe better known "Auditorio Alfredo Krauss", one of the biggest concerts area in the Canary Islands. In the map below, search for the yellow balloon to find the conference venue. Here is the link to this map at Google Maps, in case you cannot visualize it below:


The venue is on the left corner or the internationally acclaimed beach "Las Canteras". We have a few of nice hotel deals through the beach shore (marked with purple balloons, but of course, you are free to book any room at the whole place. There is plenty of accomodation options at competitive prices. However, September is high season, so don't be too slow making your booking or you will have to pick a not so unexpensive option.

The best way to reach this destination is through Gran Canaria Int. Airport (LPA). It is marked as the red balloon in the map above.

From the airport to Las Canteras beach and the Venue zone, the best option is to take the 60 line all the way to its final destination at "Parque Santa Catalina". Every hour there is two departures of the 60 line to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but if you want to take only one bus without transferring a “San Telmo” station, in general, every hour there is a departure that reaches "Santa Catalina" (marked in blue below). "Santa Catalina" park station (“Intercambiador de Santa Catalina”) is marked with a pink square. The travel time is around 25 minutes. From "Santa Catalina" to the beach is a nice 5 minutes walk.

60 line timesheet


If you prefer a Taxi, its approximate cost is around 35€.

Please, let us know if you need any further detail on how to reach the ITSC2015 Venue. Stay tuned! Follow us at Twitter and Facebook.



The conference program has been published:



Here's an overview:

  09/15 Tuesday (Tu) 09/16 Wednesday (We) 09/17 Thursday (Th) 09/18 Friday (Fr)
Session A 8:35 Workshops, Tutorial 1 (first shift) and Tutorial 2 8:15 Opening and Keynotes: Krein, Nobe and Moreno

8:30 Keynotes: Papageorgiou and Winner.

9:50 Technical Sessions

8:30 Keynotes: Dianni

9:00 Presentation of ITSS Awards

  Coffee Break (10:30 - 10:50) Coffee Break (10:50 - 11:10) Coffee Break (11:05 - 11:25) Coffee Break (10:30 - 10:50)
Session B Workshops, Tutorial 1 (first shift) and Tutorial 2 Technical Sessions Technical Sessions Technical Sessions
  Lunch (12:40 - 13:40) Lunch (12:40 - 13:40) Lunch (12:40 - 13:40) Lunch (12:40 - 13:40)
Session C Workshops and Tutorial 1 (second shift) Technical Sessions Technical Sessions Technical Sessions
  Coffee Break (14:55 - 15:30) Coffee Break (15:10 - 15:40) Coffee Break (15:10 - 15:30) Farewell Coffee Break (15:10 - 15:40)
Session D Workshops and Tutorial 1 (second shift) Technical Sessions Technical Sessions  
  Welcome Reception at Hotel Reina Isabel (18:30). Wear your badge. Conference Gala Dinner at Rest. "Corona de Arucas" at 19:00. The last bus will depart at 18:20, from right in front of the Conference Venue. Banquet ticket will be needed.

Verdino Demo (17:00 - 18:00)

Admision free to general public.





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You can already register for IEEE ITSC2015:


Search for your "to do" "Register to Attend", in the upper left zone. If you're not an author, please create a new account! Thanks!

The registration desk opening hours are:


Tuesday 09/15 Wednesday 09/16 Thursday 09/17 Friday 09/18
8:00 - 12:40 7:45 - 12:40 8:00 - 12:40 8:00 - 12:40
13:40 - 17:30 13:40 - 17:30    






Registration Fee Table

Registration Cathegory Codes


Early Birds Reg.

(Through Aug. 15, 2015)

Late and On-site Reg.

(After Aug. 15, 2015)


(see item codes below)





4L, 4C, R, B, USB, Paper


IEEE Members*



4L, 4C, R, B, USB, Paper


IEEE ITS Society Members



4L, 4C, R, B, USB, Paper





4L, 4C, R, B, USB


IEEE Student Members*



4L, 4C, R, B, USB


IEEE ITS Society Student Members



4L, 4C, R, B, USB


One day only Registration (Including Workshops Day)



1L, 1C, R, USB

Additional Item Codes






Extra Paper





Extra Page





Extra Lunch Ticket





Extra Reception Ticket





Extra Banquet Ticket





Extra Conference Proceeding USB




Discount Codes






ITSC2015 Reviewer





ITSC2015 Associate Editors and Workshop Organizers





ITSC2015 Special Session Organizer





ITSC2015 "Los 20 Valientes" member




Items codes:
4 Days Lunch (4L), 1 Day Lunch (1L), 4 Days Coffee Breaks (4C), 1 Day Coffee Breaks (1C), Reception Ticket (R), Banquet ticket (B), USB Proceedings (USB), Registration cathegory that enables for uploading a paper (Paper)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: For IEEE members, the one year fee to become Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) Member or ITSS Student Member consists only of 35$ or 18$ respectively, including all the membership benefits like receiving the prestigious ITSS Transactions, Magazine and Newsletter, and discounted registration fees at ITSC2015 and all our conferences. We strongly encourage you to become members!

Join us here: http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/societies/itss.html

Special Case Discount

Authors with an accepted paper at the conference coming from countries listed in the United Nations Human Development Index (here) under categories Medium and Low Human Development Countries, as well as authors with an accepted paper at the conference, coming from regions with ongoing war conflicts can apply for a "Special Case Fee Discount".
Authors seeking that Special Case Discount, should submit an application describing their situation to itsc2015@gmail.com, with [Special Case Discount] in the abstract. The conference committee will study the received applications and will decide on a case-by-case basis, if the finances of the conference allow.

Registration Terms:

  1. Registration cathegories type Reg_1, Reg_2, Reg_3, Reg_4, Reg_5 and Reg_6 include: Admission to all technical sessions, all demostrations, workshops and tutorials, coffee breaks, all lunches, one conference banquet ticket, one Reception ticket, one USB Proceedings drive and a registree package.
  2. Only registration cathegories type Reg_1, Reg_2 and Reg_3 enable registrants to upload an IEEE conference format compliant 6 pages paper (one paper each) to be included in the conference program (once accepted during the reviewing process). Any accepted paper, no matter if it is a Workshop, Industry Track, Special Session or Regular Session paper, will be published in the Conference Proceedings and in IEEE Xplore, once the conference is closed. The only exception is papers without its corresponding communication during the conference (see Registration Term #5).
  3. Registrants using cathegories type Reg_2, Reg_3, Reg_5 and Reg_6 must send proof or their membership condition, e.g. the IEEE member card scanned or a copy of the membership confirmation email.
  4. Registration type Reg_7 includes during the day registered for admission to all technical sessions, all demostrations, workshops and tutorials, coffee breaks, lunch, one Reception ticket, one USB Proceedings drive and a registree package.
  5. An important rule that authors must keep in mind is that we will implement, as it is mandatory for any IEEE conference, a strict No Show No Publication policy, meaning that accepted papers that are not presented at the conference will not be published afterwards at IEEEXplore. Such presentations must be done on-site, so participants and authors can talk and interchange their experiences and views. Face to face technical discussions is a precious element of quality of our conference.
  6. It is possible to extend the paper lengh limitation up to 8 pages by paying a 100€ per page fee.
  7. It is possible to attach more than one paper to a registration type Reg_1, Reg_2 or Reg_3, just by paying the extra paper fee (400€).
  8. We will implement a volunteer rewarding policy for this conference, meaning that registrants may reduce their registration fee (any kind) by substracting the cuantities listed above.  For those serving as more than one of the listed roles, discounts are accumulative. We will be sending every volunteer a unique code to be inputed when doing your registration to be used during their registration process.
  9. Cancellation of a Registration: In case of Act of God or Visa denial, you can request a registration fee refunding. To apply for that refunding, proof of the extraordinary reason for cancelling must be sent and an adminsitrative fee of 100€ will be retained. For the Visa denial cases, we will not accept any refunding request after September 1, 2015. Being excluded of the Conference IEEE Xplore publication after a no-show of an accepted paper does not qualify to apply for a refunding.

Stay Tuned! We will be announcing the opening of the Registration Service at Twitter and Facebook.