How to reach ITSC2015

ITSC2015 will take place in the Canary Islands Convention Centre. This facility is besides the maybe better known "Auditorio Alfredo Krauss", one of the biggest concerts area in the Canary Islands. In the map below, search for the yellow balloon to find the conference venue. Here is the link to this map at Google Maps, in case you cannot visualize it below:

The venue is on the left corner or the internationally acclaimed beach "Las Canteras". We have a few of nice hotel deals through the beach shore (marked with purple balloons, but of course, you are free to book any room at the whole place. There is plenty of accomodation options at competitive prices. However, September is high season, so don't be too slow making your booking or you will have to pick a not so unexpensive option.

The best way to reach this destination is through Gran Canaria Int. Airport (LPA). It is marked as the red balloon in the map above.

From the airport to Las Canteras beach and the Venue zone, the best option is to take the 60 line all the way to its final destination at "Parque Santa Catalina". Every hour there is two departures of the 60 line to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but if you want to take only one bus without transferring a “San Telmo” station, in general, every hour there is a departure that reaches "Santa Catalina" (marked in blue below). "Santa Catalina" park station (“Intercambiador de Santa Catalina”) is marked with a pink square. The travel time is around 25 minutes. From "Santa Catalina" to the beach is a nice 5 minutes walk.

60 line timesheet


If you prefer a Taxi, its approximate cost is around 35€.

Please, let us know if you need any further detail on how to reach the ITSC2015 Venue. Stay tuned! Follow us at Twitter and Facebook.