ITSC2015 Student Activities

¡¡Hola, hola!!

Do you like water sports? Have you ever tried surfing, canoeing or stand up paddling?

These sessions are designed to be an introduction to these exciting water sports. We are organizing this in September 14.

  • Kayak tour:

Would you like to see the island from the sea? In this activity you will learn how to paddle, handle the kayak and enjoy a kayak tour along Gran Canaria's coast.

  • Stand up paddle:

Have you ever tried standing up on a board? We will teach you not only to stand up and to maintain your balance but also to propel yourself forward with a paddle across the water while standing on a surfboard.

  • Surf:

Learn and practice the basics of surfing in Las Canteras beach.
We are going to show you everything; the right paddling technique, how to ride a wave, how to position yourself on the board and many other tricks.

Would you like to try some or all of these very exciting water activities? Let me know! :)

Raquel Pérez-Suárez.

Chair for Student Activities